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Youth Culture article on Kairos Media

To learn more about Kairos Media, why we exist, and how you can be a part of what we're doing, see the February 2010 issue of Youth Culture. You can either download a PDF or view transcript below.

Quo Vadis?

(from Youth Culture Newsletter (Issue 26) February 2010)

  • Picture of MikeKYCN: Mike, those who know you, know you have lots of ideas about youth and youth work. What's next?
  • Mike: Christians pray that God's kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven--on earth, not just in heaven. We shouldn't settle for something less than the kingdom. We too easily accept the prevailing culture as inevitable. Unfortunately, that means many young people are missing out on the hope, joy, beauty and goodness that God intends for them on earth (not to mention heaven.) Many Christian parents and youth workers are limited by a strategy that just tries to keep evil out. They must say "NO!" over and over again, or just give up and give in. In Kairos we see this challenge and are doing something about it. Our goal is to build a positive youth culture that promotes whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious (Phil. 4:8). This include smore than just whatever is spiritual. It includes every area of human culture: food, sports, games, music, art, dress...
  • KYCN: Why not just eliminate youth culture totally!
  • Mike: Eliminating youth culture is impossible to do. Isolating Christian youth from youth culture completely is also unrealistic. Even the Amish admit that. more importantly, we have a commission from Christ to bring the gospel to the world. We should not just write off youth culture. We should want to transform it and those who live in it. Besides, shaping today's youth means shaping tomorrow's world leaders.
  • The Florence CathedralKYCN: Creating a new youth culture... That seems like a lot of work!
  • Mike: Oh, it will be. It was a lot of work to build Florence Cathedral, but it was done. I think we need to do this and for two good reasons. First, we lose too many young people to the powerful world of youth culture. Their lives get messed up. They lose what faith they have. We need to provide an alternative culture, a whole culture--not just a good youth group and some Christian music. We need to provide a place where youth can flourish. The second reason we should do it is exactly because this mission is big. Its vision is big. It will provide a place in mission for all sorts of our young people, not just youth workers. This mission will need businessmen and women, web designers, musicians, writers, clothes designers, video editors, sound geeks... That's a short list. I have a longer one and it's growing.
  • KYCN: Where do you begin?
  • Mike: Like with any good project--get the right people and the funding. I think I have some of the people. I am hoping our readers will help with the funding.

  • Picture of TouficKYCN: Toufic, you were asked to spearhead the Kairos Media project. It's big! Where do you start?
  • Toufic: Modern culture rides on technology: film, television, radio, internet, mp3 players, video games. When youth aren't at school they are almost always interacting with technology of some sort. As most of us know, much of the web is not morally safe. You can go to Youtube or iTunes for all the right reasons and come away slimed. So, we are starting by providing an excellent and healthy media portal – a place where youth can go that is "cool," but also up‐building.
  • KYCN: Excellence is a high standard!
  • Toufic: Yes. Cool may be more challenging though, but I think we have an answer for both. In the beginning we expect to get a fair amount of stuff that is somewhat short of excellent. That's ok. We primarily want to have a place where our youth can showcase their own work. They'll produce something, upload it and invite their friends to come and see. Some of it will be really popular – thus cool. The best songs and videos we will re‐do in high quality and make them available for purchase. Over time, the site will grow in excellence.
  • KYCN: When will this media portal be ready?
  • Toufic: It's in development now. You can already upload videos and music to the site by going to www.kairos‐media.org. We are planning an on‐line “come and see party” starting February 26th.
  • KYCN: How will you ensure that Kairos Media site will be safe?
  • Toufic: Each video and every song will be reviewed before it goes on line. Three criteria will have to be met. First, is it technically good enough? The sound quality must be adequate. The image must be in focus, etc. Second, does it uphold spiritual and moral excellence? If it falls into a gray area, it won't be posted. People will need to hit the bulls‐eye, not just the target. Third, we won't post anything illegal or offensive: politically, culturally, ethnically, ecumenically, racially or otherwise.
  • KYCN: Are you worried about kids getting addicted to your site like they do to Facebook and YouTube?
  • Toufic: I wish! Well, not really. Our goal is not that. Like anything potentially addicting, people need to be wise. Alcohol, television, classical music, football--any of them can be addicting. If we see it is becoming a problem, we will provide a way to limit access.
  • KYCN: How can people get involved?
  • Toufic: If they have already created a video or recorded a song, they can upload it now. More importantly, we need people to record songs or skits they do in the future. We also need team members who will review the material that is uploaded. We need financial support as well! My budget for this year is $70,000. People can donate to this project at the kairos-media.org page. I also need people who will help me do fundraising. I already have some of my team in place here in Lebanon and in the U.S. but I will definitely need more people soon! Anyone who wants to help can e-mail me directly via toufic.elramy@googlemail.com until I become really famous. Then I'll change my e-mail.
    The Lebanon Kairos Media Team


So you’re finally here - you look great - welcome to the party.

Maybe you (like some of us) have been anticipating this moment for months (or years), you’ve seen the intro video 126 times - memorized every word - and you’re wringing your hands now with excitement to see what’s been uploaded by the Latinos, Lebanese, Europeans, Americans, Antarctic...ans, whomever. Maybe you’re just stopping by, curious to see what the buzz is about. Maybe you’re a Latvian hacker intent on destroying the site (actually if that’s you, please leave now).

In any case, what is this Kairos Media thing all about? Well, Kairos (from the Greek) means an appointed time (most of us knew that). Media (from the Latin) means “intermediate agency, channel of communication.”

That’s what this is all about… if that doesn’t clear it up for you, why don’t you just take a look around and see what’s here. That’s what your brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world are doing right now (unless they’re not as enlightened as you). Looking around – chatting with friends, making new ones, and uploading more good quality media. And this is just the beginning, folks.

So let’s raise a virtual glass of your virtual beverage of choice to building a quality Christian media culture.

Hacker, are you still here? Do you know Jesus loves you?

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