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  • Ross Acheson (7 years ago)

    So suspenseful! Seriously! Great!

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  • Brian LaLonde (7 years ago)

    The best fall is at minute 1:20! And then the head bump! Go Damien! I dub him indefatigable!

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  • Edward Moccia (7 years ago)

    As Damien has grown, so have his falls grown in greater intensity.. but he's still smilin'! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1443363&l=a22a99db21&id=1232709282

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Video Details

Determination: Man vs Toaster

February 24, 2010
Views: 4001
Author: edwardmoccia

Watch as Damien tries to get the pan back on the table, at all costs!

Category: Entertainment & Comedy
Tags: determination perseverance toaster
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