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Gambler - Tim Margiotta

February 24, 2011
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Author: timmargiotta

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There is a question that most people ask themselves sometime,
What is the purpose of my life?
Well in order to answer this and in order to help you realize. . . listen up.
First of all there is a God. That is a fact not a tale or a story so
Put all your doubt behind you. Go look for Him and He’ll find you.
You have to realize the most important thing in life is your life.
You alone control your life. Everything you say and you do.
So what happens to you when you die is a riddle that’s answered only by you

But as for me I won’t be
Caught unready or found unsteady
Life won’t be an easy ride for me.
Because I am certain behind death’s curtain
Life with Christ awaits me.
So I won’t glide nor will I slide through this life
I’m going to fight.

What do you think will happen
When your last breath is gone.
When you’re dead are you done, moving on into nothing.
You see, life is like a race
That we are running everyday except in different ways
But when you reach that finish line and you see what you left behind
Will you want to receive your placing?
Everyday of every week
Brings a chance to become stronger or weaker
The choice is yours, just do not forget that
What you do each day determines how the story ends.

Category: Music
Tags: gambler tim margiotta world youth day christian music
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