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June 03, 2012
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Author: geojojo

S.L.I.C.E is a dance and music group from the heart of Zambia. The crew is popularly known for creative dancing and hype as well as heart touching hiphop/RandB music. The crew has to its name two (2) music albums called Go Hard 1(Great Commission) and the newly relaesed Go Hard 2 (Love) The S.L.I.C.E are also the hosts of Salvation On the Dance Floor gospel crusades which have been held for 4 years now.

When I’m in the zone, sini nkala zee
I make a lot of noise monga ndine chi machine
Loko ni one ‘bo one soul I’m looking for it
I gotta win a billion souls billionaire girl
Romans 1-1-6 I know you must have heard about it
Holy Ghost apaya ‘one now you know about it
I’m unashamed, living for his name
Elo kulibe kwe ni yenda no I will not retire

I’m that girl that you find on the street corner sharing my faith with the girls, Cause they gotta know it
I’m that girl that you find on the street corner sharing my faith with the boys, Cause they gotta know it

I’m automatic, I’m so automatic, I’m automatic (nili na vi word vi flowa vi flowa so)

Fisher of men with my net at work,
2go social with my net at work
occupation yes I got my net at work
construction this here’s men at work
I’m all fired up, rifle
inspired by a king, talking to disciples
I’m a disciple of that disciple, who’se a disciple’s-disciple-disciple complete the cycle
c.y.c.l.e, he told me go so I agreed
missions, start with the corner hi hello, its really nice to know ya
something I wanna show ya no it’s not my title, oh get ready here it comes it’s the gospel
share with the lost in the multitude till it go all around the world latitude

Autmatic, funika vi word vi spaka like static
I’m engineered by Jesus, ona I’m a fine piece no error, gonga
Sini leta musokonezo I’m here to bring peace ngati su ona vula menso
I don’t run on petrol but I go full power, full blown I don’t need zesco
Holy Spirit be the source of my smooth flow, osa dabwa if I seem a little vocal
I go kulikonse, local, with the good news that I carry in my Bible

Why uchita so, manje why uchita so
I want my neighbor saved, want my neighbor saved

Category: Rb Hiphop
Tags: s.l.i.c.e
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